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Welcome to Solas

        Marian started her venture over 14 years ago, after completing her saddlery apprenticeship with The Society of Master Saddlers, she is now one of the few women qualified saddlers in Ireland.  

        She then went on to work for herself,  building a strong skillset from mending & restoration of antique pieces,  creating made to measure bridles, harness and saddles & other leather work, including scabbards for locally made movie replica swords. This experience led to expert craftsmanship, so she wanted to diversify her portfolio.

        The idea to create specialised products for dogs came from her lifelong passion & love for mans best friend. Marian found that off the shelf pet shop collars were not made from the same top quality leather or made using the far superior hand stitched method that saddlery goods are made from and thought it would be worth transferring her bridle making skills to create unique long lasting canine accessories.  


        Marian grew up in the Mourne Mountains on a farm surrounded by horses, sheep & of course dogs. She takes her own dog Tilly, a very intelligent but cheeky Shetland Sheepdog to Obedience training & attends dog shows regularly, they even made it to Crufts!

        She started off sharing her work with family & friends who quote 'they've had their collar/lead for nearly 10 years now!' This gave Marian a boost to go out and start sharing her work with the world.


Marian only ever wants the best for her customers and their dogs.

She undertook extensive research & gathered the finest local materials (including English leather & Scottish Tweed). Using her traditional saddlery skills, she hand cuts from the full hide & hand stitches which locks the materials together making each one her products sturdy & unique. 


Meet The Team

Brand Ambassador
In House Model
Chief Product Tester


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